Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Soy for Babies--Not a Healthy Alternative

Wrapping up our month long study of the harmful effects of soy on our health.  This last post is how dangerous it is for our babies.  Please read and pass on to anyone you think would benefit.

This article is by Dianne Gregg:

Here in the United States we have an excess of soy consumption that is causing health problems for babies as well as adults. Unfortunately, all the hype about how good soy is for you keeps many moms for being aware of the dangers.

Mothers, through magazines and advertising have been convinced that soy formula is a good alternative for babies that cannot tolerate milk. Soy for babies is not a healthy alternative because it contains high levels of phytoestrogens that contain growth depressing trypsin inhibitors – which have been know to cause zinc deficiency. Zinc – which is important to the development of the nervous system. In addition, the aluminum content of soy formula is 10x greater than milk and has a toxic effect on the kidneys. Read article http://www.westonaprice.org/soy/infant.html.

In addition, soy formula is not always easily digestible and can cause cramping, gas, colic, diarrhea, and early puberty. If an infant is lactose intolerant a better alternative might be goat milk, almond or rice milk. This would also apply to toddlers – do not give them soy milk.

Once consumers start reading labels carefully – they will be amazed at the soy content in snack foods, fast foods, and pre-packaged frozen meals – a staple in a child’s diet. Since it’s often disguised as other ingredients – you have to know what to look for.

For a detailed list of foods containing hidden soy go to: http://www.hiddensoy.com/yahoogroups.php

Dianne Gregg, author of "The Hidden Dangers of Soy" decided to write this book after developing a severe allergy to soy and nearly dying. She has done extensive research on this subject and wants to share this crucial information with others.

To claim your free chapter of The Hidden Dangers of Soy (including) soy free recipes. http://www.hiddensoy.com/soy-health-risks.php

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