Saturday, September 5, 2009

Newsletter Updates and Blog Plans

Have had a bug this week and am now getting back to the computer!  It gave me time to think and plan ahead on my writing.  I will be writing a few posts on soy this month.  I am writing newsletters once a week on traditional foods for my website.  And I will be upgrading my blog to a new look and that will take several days to get that process done. 

I've been experimenting with new foods for the last 3 weeks and have written about them in my newsletters. If you aren't subscribed to my newsletter here are a few of the topics I have written about lately:
  • The Secret of the Caucasus Mountains
  • Quinoa The Gold of the Incas
  • Monkey Face Food
  • Bone Broth
You can go to The Natural Living Site to subscribe to the newsletter.  I am having so much fun researching traditional cultures and their diets.  Foods from the past are making their way back into our diets now.  And the health benefits are amazing!

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