Friday, October 31, 2008

Melamine in Our Food Supply

I have learned recently that melamine is now in our food supply. Anything processed with eggs or milk products is suspect until we get documentation from our government that it is safe. This means anything from candy, cookies, cakes, dressings, and mayo to possibly flu vaccines and other medicines that use eggs as an emulsifier could be contaminated.

I watched a video this morning:
I do not know Mike Mozart, the producer of this video in any way. I came across the link in an alternative health forum. But I agree with him that if the FDA does not come forward with documentation that states that the foods have have been tested and are safe, then a great number of children as well as everyone else in our country will be harmed.

What can we do until then? Do not buy prepackaged or processed foods. We do not know if our own food companies purchased ingredients from China, so all packaged foods are questionable. At the very least, look on the back for "made in/produced in China" and ingredients containing milk and/or eggs.

We can also alter our diet back to whole foods. Although it sometimes takes more time to put a meal together from scratch with whole foods, it is more nutritious and healthy. And that's traditional -- taking time to put a meal together. It brings the family together to enjoy the abundance we have.

Have a safe and happy Halloween! And watch what you give out as treats and what your children bring home.

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