Thursday, October 23, 2008

Healthy Chocolate? Oh Yeah!

c2008 Shanna Ohmes

Recent research has proved what every woman has instinctively known all along, chocolate is good for you! But we're not talking about just any chocolate off the grocery shelf. What research studies have shown is the best chocolate is in its organic raw form. Did you know that in one spoonful of raw chocolate there are 25,200 antioxidants? It is the only food with that high amount. The Aztec, Mayan, and Incan cultures were onto something. In this article I will highlight the processing, nutrients, and health benefits of adding raw chocolate into your daily diet. And you get a recipe as a bonus.

The processing of chocolate is minimal. It goes through a cold-pressing method that keeps the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients intact. Modern methods generally use high heat that destroys some of these nutrients, the use of chemicals and preservatives, and of course refined white sugar and corn syrup.

Raw chocolate has the richest source of magnesium available in a food. It is also high in copper, iron and in lesser amounts of calcium, zinc, vitamin A, niacin, phosphorus, tryptophan and phenylethylamine (PEA).

Research studies have revealed a surprising list of health benefits of raw chocolate. It helps lower blood pressure and increase blood flow to the brain. It also improves some blood sugar disorders and lessens chronic inflammation in the body. Raw chocolate is the most easily absorbed and digested chocolate.

So how do you use this #1 Antioxidant Superfood? You can add 1-2 tbs. in smoothies, cookies, and herbal teas. I made up my own Frappe' (a cold version of a cappuccino) and recently revised it using the raw chocolate powder and actually decreased the amount of sugar from my previous recipe. Within a short time I plan to completely eliminate the sugar.


2 Tbs raw chocolate powder (Sunfood Nutrition Cacao powder)
2 Tbs or less organic natural sugar (dehydrated cane sugar)
1 Tbs instant coffee
1/2 c. cream (optional)
1 1/2 c. organic milk (raw goat's milk)
6 ice cubes

Put all ingredients in blender and blend on ice setting for 1 minute. Serve and enjoy guilt free.

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