Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Back! Website is UP!!

Wow! Who knew learning how to build your own website could be so involved? Thanks to Chris Farrell and his book "Create Your Own Website by 3:45 This Afternoon" for helping me develop the skills necessary to learn how to do it myself! (I will be offering this free ebook to members of my newsletter subscription soon!)

My site is up! I'm still working a few bugs out, but the main thing I'm offering on my site is a free eReport "7 Tips to Boost Your Immune System Naturally" to those who subscribe to my Free weekly newsletter --The Natural Living Site Newsletter. For those who subscribe I will offer my eBook "Natural Cold and Flu Remedies" that I have spent several months researching and writing.

Sneak a peak and check it out at: and if the link for the subscription is not up yet, I'm still working on it, so keep checking back!!! It should be up within a day or 2.

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