Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tips for Freezing Leftovers

I found a frozen bag of Beef Stew in my freezer and we had that for supper last night. Whenever I make more than enough for a meal, I put the leftovers in a container or baggie and freeze for nights when I don't have time to cook. It really helps on days when I just have too much to do and not enough hours.

Another meal I freeze is Turkey. I will cook a 20lb + turkey and divide it into sandwich baggies and freeze. These are great small meals to pull out for sandwiches and lunches. Around November our grocery store has turkeys on sale and I buy several. Then throughout the winter I can pressure can the turkey or freeze it for small meals. It's an affordable way to plan ahead.


Claire said...

I tend to prepare double batches of homemade soup and put a lot in the freezer in serving sized tubs. That way I can just grab and go on my way out the door and have a healthy lunch!

shanna said...

Great idea Claire. Thanks.